I was born and reared in Lake Charles, La. The Louisiana license plate had "The Sportsman’s Paradise” on it. That was certainly true for me as I was constantly in the woods or marshes  with my Dad and my friends. At the age of eighteen I decided to see the world and joined the Marine Corps where I spent my first year of service in California learning to surf and my next two and one half years in Vietnam learning to duck. I lived at China Beach and was in charge of communications for the Marine Corps in Vietnam.

When my vacation on China Beach ended I moved to Santa Barbara, California to attend Brooks Institute of Photography. After three years of training at Brooks I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and accepted a job offer in Dallas, TX. to work as a photographer. After working for two years in Dallas I opened a company called The Great Shooting Gallery, Inc. where I employed five photographers.  We specialized in advertising photography. Four years later I started another company called The James Gang, Inc. This company worked directly with advertising agencies producing from start to finish TV commercials for major corporations. I was a director/cameraman in my company and had other directors on staff to take care of the volume of work we had managed to secure. I was fortunate to work with many of the Fortune 500 companies and most of the major advertising agencies in North America. The James Gang, Inc. was closed in 2001 and James Gang Pictures, Inc. was opened. Keeping my production building in Dallas I opened another office in Hollywood with the purpose of buying a script and producing a family oriented movie. I was able to find a good script and produced a movie named "School of Life” budgeted at $8,000,000.00. This movie was made for families and is about school teachers. The two stars of the movie are Ryan Reynolds and David Paymer. This movie was sold to ABC Family Channel and to the major movie rental companies. I have lived in Argyle, Texas for twenty five years on a thirty acre horse ranch with my daughter Jamesy. I have two other daughters Amy and Jenny who live in San Francisco.